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Roxey Ballet presents

Modern Prometheus


Roxey Ballet's Frankenstein
Wheelchair accessible
Large Print

Roxey Ballet's Community Engagement Presentation 
A futuristic adaptation of the novel by Mary Shelley
Conceived and Staged by Lees Hummel and Stephen K. Stone
Original Musical Score by Michael Kallstrom




All performances will be held at Canal Studio Theater

243 North Union Street, Lambertville, NJ 08530


Performance Dates:
October 22 at 4pm (sold out) and 7pm (sold out)
October 23 at 1pm (sold out) and 4pm (sold out)
October 28 at 7pm (sold out)
October 29 at 4pm (sold out) and 7pm (sold out)
October 30 at 1pm and  4pm (sold out)


Tickets $37 -$39 in Advance | $40-$42 at the Door


Special discounts offered on our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram pages, and by joining our email list.

Act One
Imagine a world that defies exact location and time—one in which scientific research is merging humans and machinery. In this futuristic adaptation of Mary Shelley's novel, we meet Victor Frankenstein, his fiancé Elizabeth, and brother William during the Farewell Ball celebrating the future doctor's departure for university. 
In his laboratory, Victor designs the software and robotics that will enhance the five senses of his human subject's brain and body, thereby manifesting a Creature of extraordinary cognitive and sensate potential. Upon looking into the eyes of his newly completed creation, he realizes the magnitude of manipulating genetic evolution.
Having fled from the laboratory, the Creature follows Victor into the city where he first recognizes his heightened senses and begins to understand humanity in a new way. When trying to befriend William, the Creature's surreal appearance panics him, sending them into a brief skirmish that results in the accidental demise of William. To defend one of their own, the community rushes to the scene where they collectively banish the Creature.

Act Two
We rejoin the Frankenstein family at the wedding reception of Victor and Elizabeth. The honeymoon begins with romance yet it swiftly takes a threatening turn. Victor senses an ominous presence. While he makes a quest to secure the surrounds, his Creature returns. Once again, the Creature's heightened senses result in an unintentional death. Victor returns to the honeymoon suite to find Elizabeth lifeless.
The Spirits usher Elizabeth's journey to the next realm where she is reunited with William. Victor's anguish proves unbearable and his heartbreak reunites him with his loved ones in the hereafter.
The Creature finds Victor expired. His grief is profound. He mourns for the loss of his creator. He is defeated by rejection. Realizing that the sensory enhancements have defined him as a monster in the eyes of society, the Creature takes the ultimate step to free himself from his technological prison.


Theater Information:

Directions to the Canal Studio Theater

Canal Studio Seating Chart

The theater opens 1 hour prior to the performance and the house opens 30 minutes prior to the performance.



Parking for the performance is directly in the rear of the building.


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