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Our teaching philosophy is to acknowledge each student as an individual with different needs, backgrounds, cultures, and abilities, to provide them with the tools to learn efficiently and effectively, and inspire them to connect and journey through their own creativity and how it relates to DEIA topics. Accessibility is addressed in all school residencies by providing support in form of additional teachers, props, resources to allow all to benefit from given lesson/residency equally.

At the Roxey ballet we believe the best way to serve the most diverse array of students is to have a staff of teachers that have different intersectional identities. We believe that having teachers of different races, ethnicities, gender identities, nationalities, sexualities, and ages makes us more empathetic to the students and gives us more unique and personalized tools in our own experience to better connect to the students and provide them with a safe space to learn and grow in conjunction with our DTL curriculum. Art is not always linear in expression so traditional records of achievement and progress may not be easily noticeable in this work.  We strive to create that safe and artistic space for the students but in their journey of personal growth we believe that their own progress should be measured in comparison to themselves and not the standards of other students. 


All Roxey Ballet programs are specially designed to allow all students meaningful access to the world of dance.

All programs and performances may be tailored to meet the specific needs of any student or group population. 

For questions email Melissa Roxey

"I cannot adequately thank you for the amazing Dance Movement Residency with our Midland students!  It was engaging, energizing, and…extremely excellent. Your skills in focusing on each student’s strength, reinforcing responses, and including all were admirable and so greatly appreciated.  The students talked about dancing, and the teachers noted increases in calm behavior and smiles.  Thank you for the joy and enhanced success that you brought to our students…we are most grateful!"
- MaryDee Kuhn, Midland School 


Dance To Learn program
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