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Opportunities to partner with and sponsor performances, streaming productions, education and outreach programs and community events. 

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Roxey Ballet is rebuilding and returning to solvency after the complete devastation of our facility from Hurricane Ida on September 1, 2021. In order to move forward, Roxey Ballet had to accept a small business loan. Please consider a Capital Campaign donation to assist with eliminating the debt.


Roxey Ballet is committed to creating an environment that honors the humanity of all people. Diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility (DEIA) are the fundamental principles we were founded on.

Since 1995 the Roxey Ballet Company has served the region with high quality innovative dance performance and educational programs, guided by our vision to build bridges in the community through dance. Our mission is “Building Bridges Through Dance” and we have been doing this since our inception. We are proud to be recognized among the few dance organizations in America that actively seek to make the arts accessible to all with equity, inclusion and diversity. Please help Roxey Ballet do more in the community by making non-profit donation.

We put every cent raised back into our activities and programming.  Donations along with income generated through performances keep our programs vibrant and relevant.


Your donation today will help:

- To Rebuild the Ballet providing support in reducing our SBA loan debt to recover from Hurricane Ida. 

- Support education programs in schools like “Celebrating Diversity”, an anti-bullying program, and “Wheels & Bodies in Motion” that allows children of all ages and capabilities to express themselves freely in a healthy, supportive environment.

- Ensure we can offer Sensory-Friendly performances for children and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder or other sensitivity issues or special needs.

- Create high- quality productions that mix international professional dancers with hundreds of area children, providing an amazing learning experience and entertaining performances.

- Underwrite new dance works and education programs partnering with local and national

dance artists and choreographers.

- Use the arts to heal and inspire through productions such as

The C-Word: Stories of Triumph Over Breast Cancer

 - Attract a diverse group of professional dancers to perform in our area.

When you make a donation to Roxey Ballet you simultaneously support students from our ongoing education programs, who benefit deeply from the vital presence of art in their lives, a presence that is often the first to go with state budget mandates.


On behalf of Mark and Melissa Roxey, the artists, staff, Board of Trustees, and the hundreds of local area students, we thank you for your generosity and continued continued support of our unique programs. 

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