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Roxey Ballet personifies Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility through its content and humanities themed programming.

In these challenging times we believe in the healing power of art and nature, that all people should be provided with – or have – a medium

for self expression.

Corporate sponsorship and donations help us achieve our mission and goals by engaging, creating, inspiring and connecting

with our communities. 


Opportunities to partner with Roxey Ballet include: 

  Performances, Streaming Productions, Education and underwriting Education and Outreach Programming.

To create a corporate sponsorship package contact or phone 609-397-7616


Roxey Ballet has over 60 full length ballets in their repertoire showcasing the human condition including:

- The C-Word: Stories of Triumph Over Breast Cancer - a musical featuring original music and lyrics with 11 breast cancer survivors and professional dancers

- Celebrating Diversity - a performance piece showcasing human, civil, and disability rights and bullying performed at President Barak Obama's 2008 Inauguration and receiving the Governor's Award for Artistic Excellence  

-The Annual American Holiday Classic The Nutcracker 

- Children's Classic Stories - featuring The Pied Piper of Hamelin, Mowgli, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and more  



- Wheels and Bodies in Motion - 20 weeks of sequential learning

for those with disabilities 

- Dance to Learn - 16 weeks of sequential learning of the elements of dance creative movement curriculum

- Sensory Friendly Performances - for those with special needs 





Community events like our Healing Arts Initiative, Master Classes, and Workshops as well as themed fundraisers. 

Corporate Sponsors receive: 

  - Prominent visibility as a strong community partner on Roxey Ballet's website with links and promotional materials 
- Brand association with one of the top ballet companies in the nation.
- Employee and customer engagement through discounted tickets.
- Complimentary adverting on Streaming Productions and Playbills
- Cross promotion opportunities.


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