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Richard Jarboe
Resident Composer

Richard Jarboe has been a poet, playwright, singer/songwriter, and resident composer for Roxey Ballet since his first collaboration with Mark Roxey in1994, titled La Baleine Blanche. Roxey and Jarboe have continued to create a number of original works, including 1604, about the science of religion; Palace of Mirrors, about dancing inside your own head; Artillery Man, about a Vietnam veteran; The Veil, about a woman in Afghanistan; Footballet, about football moves; MLK, a tribute to Dr. King; The Pied Piper of Hamelin,

a former theatre piece; and Tempered Steel, a boxing ballet.

In 2015, Roxey and Jarboe premiered Buffalo Bill's Saloon, a country ballet about the Wild West of line dance and the "simple" life.   

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