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Bram Stoker's


Originally created and set for the company in 2001 by Mark Roxey, Dracula is the perfect way to spend the Halloween Season.

Mark Roxey successfully combines contemporary choreography,

brilliant videography, striking minimalist sets, lavish costumes and world-class artistry to recreate Dracula. The audience comes face-to-face with all the notorious characters: the unwary Renfield who accidentally falls victim to Dracula on his way to the opera;the lovely Lucy; and Dr. Van Helsing who leads the attack to rescue Lucy and others fallen prey to the vampires.

Sink your teeth into the Gothic tale of Dracula as he struggles against the power of the cross and his love of Lucy.

 “Dracula is total theater. We have a lot of acting, mime, spoken word,

and, of course, dancing on pointe and strong, athletic movement.

- Mark Roxey, Artistic Director and Choreographer

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