Board of Trustees

Mark Roxey - Executive & Artistic Director

Michele Engelhart - President & Chair - Fundraising

Johnelle Whipple - Vice President & Chair- Marketing, PR & Volunteers

David Mar - Treasurer & Chair - Governance & Internal Affairs

Allie Palmer - Secretary

Melissa Roxey - Board Member

Joy Conlon - Board Member

Sabrina Liddell - Board Member 

Melissa Dannenfelser - Board Member 

Timothy Regan - Board Member 


Honorary Trustees

Misty Carlson, William J. Casey III, Gregory E. Danese, Esq, Christene Garafola, Donald Geiszler, Richard Jarboe, Karen Jarrett, Judith Leviton, Mark Rosenthal, Lyn Sanders, David Sanzalone, J. Michael Seymour

ADA Advisory Committee

Committee Charge: “The Roxey Ballet Company shall make every good faith effort to be totally accessible physically and programmatically. It shall be mindful at all times of maintaining diversity in its artist roster, management and staffing, and in shaping the membership of its Board of Trustees.  It shall ensure that all volunteers and staff are fully trained and sensitive to the needs of its patrons and shall seek to secure performance and rehearsal facilities that are completely accessible to both artists and audiences. Further, it shall maintain programs that welcome and train artists with disabilities, and, as far as it is able, to proactively provide performance and choreographic venues for their greater fulfillment and experience.”


Committee Members
Sara Blakie, Khristina Criqui, Rick Criqui, Christine Garafola, Lees Hummel, Lou Johnson, Judy Leviton, Andrea Romano, Mark Roxey, Melissa Roxey, Lyn Sanders, Tara Seymour, Marcella Taggert