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Celebrating Diversity is our signature anti-bulling assembly program and the recipient of the NJ Governor's Award for Artistic Excellence.

This performance is suitable for all grades K-12. Roxey Ballet uses a variety of contemporary dance styles, monologues, videos and music to share stories about disability, race, religion, and diversity in its many form. Celebrating Diversity conveys perspectives regarding significant social issues in the world including: human rights, civil rights, disability rights, and bullying.  

It teaches both young and old that being different is natural and we should embrace the diversity within each person and the need for people to be tolerant and accepting of such differences.


Celebrating Diversity was performed at President Barack Obama's 2008 Inauguration and meets the NJ Core Curriculum Standards for the Arts. A study guide for grades K-12 accompanies each program.

Roxey Ballet can also bring a full company performance of current repertoire to your location. This artistically engaging experience will include the performance, a question and answer session with the dancers, and the opportunity for students to experience dance. Repertoire may include The Nutcracker, Carmen, Mowgli, Dracula, Frankenstein, Cinderella, Buffalo Bill's Saloon, Carmina Burana, Washington's Crossing and other original works. 


For more information or to book an education assembly

  email Melissa Roxey

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