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The Roxey Ballet Company shall make every good faith effort to be totally accessible physically and programmatically. It shall be mindful at all times of maintaining diversity in its artist roster, management and staffing, and in shaping the membership of its Board of Trustees. It shall ensure that all volunteers and staff are fully trained and sensitive to the needs of its patrons and shall seek to secure performance and rehearsal facilities that are completely accessible to both artists and audiences. Further, it shall maintain programs that welcome and train artists with disabilities, and, as far as it is able, to proactively provide performance and choreographic venues for their greater fulfillment and experience. 

You can have peace of mind while enjoying world-class dance performances at Roxey Ballet.  Roxey Ballet's home and performance spaces are wheelchair accessible.  Double doorways, convenient curb cuts, ramps, and designated parking are available at all of our performance sites. Convenient parking is available on a first come, first serve basis for vehicles with handicapped placards and/or license plates.

    Available at all performance sites:

  • Accessible restrooms

  • Wheelchair-accessible and companion seating available upon request Email or Phone in your request ~preferably two weeks prior to the event.  email:   phone: 609-397-7616

  • Wheelchair accessible seating is listed on all seating charts.  For assistance with Wheelchair accessible reservations, please email or phone us to place your ticket order.  

  • Assistive listening devices, which allow you to adjust the volume of the performance and enjoy it at your own level, is available upon request two weeks prior to the performance.

  • Large print programs, when programs are offered, may be picked up at the box office. If you have a large number of people in your party in need of large print programs or you are in need of Braille programs please contact us 3 weeks in advance.   

  • Story boards, visits before or after public hours, meet-a-seat program are available upon request.  Please contact us two weeks in advance to  schedule these options. 

  • Discounted tickets available for people with disabilities and companions.  Please contact us if you need assistance with this option. 

  • Please inquire about our "Wheels and Bodies in Motion Educational Dance Program."

Please call our home office for more information regarding Patron Services at 609.397.7616 or email us at

If you have any other needs we will do our very best to accommodate you to the fullest. 

All accommodation requests should be sent

via email ~ preferably  two weeks prior to the performance. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us.  


Click Here for Roxey Ballet's Grievance Procedure

Click Here for our Non-Discrimination Policy

Click Here for our Service Animal Policy 

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