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Keegan Lloyd

Keegan’s love for ballet was passionate and immediate.

He began his formal dance training at Northwest Florida Ballet Academy under the direction of Todd Eric Allen and Dorothy Daniels Lister in 2016. With their help, hard work and determination  Keegan was able to realize his talents in dance. Later, Keegan attended Point Park University in Pittsburgh where he diversified his dance training and further developed his voice as an artist. He has danced in pieces choreographed by Jessica Lang, Christopher Wheeldon, Edward Liang, Stuart Sebastian and George Balanchine along with many others. Keegan enjoys the physicality of dance and the constant exploration of learning to embody emotions. He strives

to create safe spaces where others can embrace the wholeness of who they are and share their human experiences through dance.

Keegan is compelled to share his love for ballet and hopes to inspire goodness in all his interactions on and off the stage. He is inspired by writers, spiritual leaders, his family and music. 

Keegan is happy to join Roxey Ballet for his first season!

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