Roxey Ballet was destroyed by Hurricane Ida

Roxey Ballet’s facility was completely devastated by Hurricane Ida.

We have been a pillar of our community for 27 years providing thought provoking, insightful and entertaining productions, education programs and residencies for the handicapped, special needs, and under privileged including a community refuge for students and adults alike - a place to call home. We are now in dire need of assistance in some capacity. Hurricane Ida has destroyed our studios, black box, office and the place we call home. Our building is condemned and officially closed. We need support to relocate and financially restore both our facility and company. If you can provide support in any fashion (community connections, financial, government assistance, donations, etc…) please let us know. We were able to prevail during the pandemic as we we immediately pivoted to virtual teaching, community engagement, communication solutions, and revolutionizing our black-box for future productions by installing hardware in our studio with the ability to seamlessly transition between virtual and in-person programming impacting our dance classes, Dance to Learn residencies, and live streaming community events. We produced 6 NEW made for television productions, engaged through weekly video casts, live streaming rehearsals and classes, weekly newsletters, live and recorded health videos for senior adult and preschool populations, and attended a 6 month Anti-racism, DEIA training with Yancy Consulting through the Dodge Foundation.

Now all of that is gone. The winds and over 8 feet of water destroyed our facility. We would appreciate any guidance, support, financial donation, or information that you could provide. Please keep Roxey Ballet alive.

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