Hurricane Ida Relief Needed for Roxey Ballet

Roxey Ballet is grateful for the federal, state and local assistance to provide housing, clothing and food relief to our community after this tragic event. And while we truly hope everyone who was personally impacted by Hurricane Ida can receive support, our livelihood and way of life for 27 years has been literally washed away.

The insurance company has denied our claim, FEMA denied our claim (stating they do not provide assistance for non-profits or businesses, only residencies) and we were told our only recourse is to apply for a SBA LOAN at a low interest rate. In addition the NJEDA State Fund from Governor Murphy grant is only between $1,000-$5,000 for rent assistance.

We are truly grateful for the New Hope Fire Hall for allowing the classes for the Mill Ballet School, (the official school of the Roxey Ballet) and the community Nutcracker auditions and Saturday rehearsals to be held there. That is the generosity of spirit in our community we are proud of. However, we are still need office and rehearsal space for our professional dancers and company in New Jersey, temporarily and permanently.

We are far from being out of the woods and we do not discount all the support and well wishes we have received thus far. We are slowing making our way through emails, phone calls, texts, and donations to say thank you and want everyone to know we are truly appreciative. However, without funds, we cannot rebuild. Please share our website with friends and colleagues to make a donation to Save The Ballet. or

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