Advocacy Is The Point

Advocacy comes in many forms and does not always include large donations. Small arts organizations like Roxey Ballet relies on patrons, parents, and students to keep the company afloat in small but important ways. One simple, easy way to advocate for The Roxey Ballet Company, Inc. is through Amazon Smile. Click on and select The Roxey Ballet Company, Inc and you can advocate by shopping for every day items.

You may also purchase a Tshirt or Hoodie at

It is the fami

lies and loved ones of performers who benefit from Roxey Ballet's Children's Classic Stories, The Nutcracker, and our Pre-Professional Training Program featuring students performing works with professional choreographers in productions like The Women of the Year Choreography Lab and Latin Creations. You are supporting the future generation when you advocate by purchasing The Roxey Ballet Channel.

It's the little things that make a big difference in propping up dance, arts advocacy and Roxey Ballet.

Advertise your business or work place project through video or print ads during our made for television production credits of Latin Creations, The Carnival Of The Animals, and The Pied Piper Of Hamlin at

It doesn't require a lot of money, it requires small, significant advocacy actions that allows Roxey Ballet to Build Bridges Through Dance across cultures and countries. Thank you for advocating for Roxey Ballet.

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