Roxey Ballet performs Carmina Burana at three New Jersey schools.

The month of March and April has been busy for Roxey Ballet's company dancers. In addition to performing Carmina Burana at Canal Studios in Lambertville, the Richardson Auditorium in Princeton, and the show this weekend at the Axelrod Theatre in Deal, the company has performed these classic cantatas at three schools across New Jersey.

Nerea Barrondo performing Carmina Burana at Mercer Elementary School.

The first performance was for Branchburg Central Middle School in Branchburg, NJ where Roxey Ballet conducted an English Language Dance to Learn residency for all 7th graders based on the book The Outsiders. Performing Carmina Burana to the entire school was a way for students to witness the connection between language arts and the performing arts as the students were exposed to the poems from the 12th century prior to seeing the dance.

The second Carmina Burana presentation was for Mercer Elementary school in Hamilton, NJ. This is a partner school for Roxey Ballet's Dance to Learn Curriculum as Roxey Ballet conducts yearly residency programs to students with multiple disabilities, cognitive severe, and autism. The students always respond positively to witnessing and engaging in dance.

The third Carmina Burana performance occurs at ESC Sussex County Northern Hills Academy where company dancer Christina Holl has been teaching students with autism, emotional behavior disorder, and severe cognitive impairment for 16 weeks resulting in the students presenting their own works alongside the professional Roxey Ballet dancers.

Working alongside the special needs population is at the core of Roxey Ballet's mission including diversity, equity, access and inclusion, a passion that permeates the entire organization. Roxey Ballet

has and will continue to identify cultural, economic, and geographic areas to expand its reach and impact.

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