A Letter To Our Patrons

Roxey Ballet

We recently were gifted a book about ways to achieve success as a Non-profit. He uses a term which we like very much, Social profit. The idea of a non-profit, the nature of those words insinuates a lack of financial motivation. Yes of course, we are not financially motivated, but we are dependent on it, the financial backing to fulfill our main goal of Social profit. Bringing public and community awareness and passion from a sometimes dominant I mentality to a quieter We mentality. How do we honor our mission, to create cultural bridges through dance and have proper funding, since assessments are usually quantitative? How do we measure spiritual impact for example or quality of life through arts and expression? This question is so important and at the cusp of our success. Every donor wants proof. Why should I donate to your mission over another? What is the obvious numbers reason that your non-profit should receive my funding. How many are you impacting. We can say this year, that we have filled our audience to a greater capacity and after 25 years that is proof we are doing it right. These are the matter-of-fact ways in which we think when trying to convince our donors we are the best choice.

The opposite is also true. We show in great earnest, proof of the work we are doing in the community. Here look at us in our Dance to Learn program working with children in special needs schools, or under privileged settings and our educational assemblies like Celebrate Diversity. Because we have the proof, time and time again, year after year we are still there, doing all that amazing work. We need to show this differently perhaps. Perhaps instead of a photo we need to invite those people to come and bear witness to the work. Perhaps people need to see it in person to fully appreciate its scope. Perhaps if we all were not too busy to slow enough to watch. We offer open studio times where we work on these projects, and on our performances and for the most part we are not at max capacity for audience. So how do we get the message out in a louder voice. These are questions we ask ourselves every day. I will tell you though, when we witness those incredible moments, I wish you were all there with us.

So where are we left. How are we to fully express and measure our level of impact so we make it clear we are worthy of the private funding and grants we hope to receive and are dependent on. Well, you can ask anyone really. You can ask a dancer, who has been with us for 13 years and has learned more technique than he or she will when they enter their college dance program and has shared beautiful performing memories with her father for example every Nutcracker since she was 4 years old. You can ask the family that watches their child interact with the professional dancers from all over the world whose eyes are opened to new cultures and language as well as watching the dancer’s passion and having it fuel their own. You can ask the Professional company members, who have the opportunity to teach and choreograph and make connections as well as do what they love. You can ask the school children, who have shared in our educational assembly programs who have many insightful questions about equality and history when the performance is completed. You can ask administrators who have worked with us in our shared messages of tolerance and celebrating everyone’s differences. You can ask the Breast Cancer survivors who were given a platform to share their incredible stories with breathtaking dance as their support on stage for the performance We Vs. C creation. You can also just ask Mark Roxey, who will tell you exactly what our mission is and the legacy he is trying to leave for this world.

While we are asking the big questions of how we do more, how we do it on a deeper level re-assessing every step and moving forward with strength and driven with passion we have questions for you. What will you support? Will it be close to you, within your community, so you feel the direct impact? Will it be because you had a beautiful moment with us here too and you are part of the answers? Will it be because we took part in the future of your child because we share in their past? Will it be because you love dance and the Arts, and you understand that it is a struggle to keep arts alive on even the largest scale? Will it be blind faith in our future work based on what you witnessed on stage in a performance? It could be because of a combination of those or your own private reasons but we need you. We need your support because, as we all know, a non-profit does not mean we are not in need of funding because we are not financially focused. Social profit means we are driven by the desire to make the world better and hope to rely on the support of the society at large to see us. To embrace the work and know we are making it better, for everyone.

We want to thank those who always support us as well because without you we simply can’t do the work. In honor of all our donors of $100+ in 2018, we would like to have a private performance in your honor. We will offer sips and bites as we perform Carmina Burana at Canal Studio Theater in a special VIP private complimentary performance on March 8th at 6:30 pm. Space is limited. RSVP requested. There will be time for discussion after the performance with the dancers as well as the Founder Mark Roxey. If you have questions for us and we can inform you on the scope of our work, this is a perfect time to ask them.

As always, we are grateful for our community who never ceases to amaze and inspire us with their feedback and support. We thank you from the depths of our creative souls and as always welcome you to the Roxey family. There are so many ways to take part in our mission, through dance directly, volunteer work with us and donating to our mission. We wish you a wonderful Holiday Season.

All our best,

The Roxey Ballet Family

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