This Is Our Revolution. Join Us.

This is our revolution. Today I am focusing on steps. Not large check list to do steps, but the small ones. The moment steps. The effort of making my vision smaller. The effort of my intention. I am overwhelmed with fixing but it doesn't feel like enough. I feel disappointed in what I witness. Complacency. So, I am focusing on moment steps. What can I do to start a revolution? What small steps can I lay down for a path of aid, for a path of listening and hearing without judgement, for a path of open arm welcome? Well, I am here. I am in a work family at Roxey Ballet that has the desire to do just that. To bring children who are the most forgotten into this world of listening, of awareness, of understanding. This is my revolution. This is the space I am in right now that can impact many many children who currently spend most of their day in a space that used to be safe. It doesn’t feel safe for them anymore or for us as parents. Why has this happened… We all have our own theories, but if you ask me it is because we are so afraid of being buried while we are clawing our way to somewhere someone has told us is, the place. We are told it looks a certain way and we look a certain way. This clawing has affected our children. It has told them what "perfect" looks like. It has caused them to feel imperfect and turn on each other. This is our revolution. I am inviting you to join us. I am asking you to help make it better. In moment by moment steps. Every school we go into to perform our Celebrate Diversity Program, every sit down dancer we hire as a professional dancer in our repertoire, every special needs school we enter to do dance programming with, are our moment steps. And maybe you have not yet heard the utter joy from a child with special needs when they see an incredible dance piece, but I will share with you it is unbridled. And maybe you have not yet witnessed a financially unable “troubled” inner city kid who gets the opportunity to make a personal connection with someone on a daily basis they can look up to who cares for them, but I will share with you, it not only brings me to silent tears, but it makes the world make sense to me. This is what we are here for. Humanity. And this is why we do it. This is our revolution. Join Us. We are seeking funding to bring our programming into schools and communities who are lacking the funding. We believe these educational assemblies are imperative to help mend the social structure of our school environments. Our professional dancers who perform these assembly programs and educational workshops are international and share with the students their past, their culture and discuss the importance of acceptance and celebrating the differences in each other. Celebrating Diversity is our signature anti-bulling assembly program and the recipient of the NJ Governor's Award for Artistic Excellence. This performance is suitable for all grades K-12. This anti-bulling program showcases that being different is natural and we should embrace the diversity among each person. Roxey Ballet uses many forms of contemporary dance, music, and monologues to tell stories about disabilities, racial, religious, and ethnic diversity and the need for people to be tolerant and accepting of such differences. Celebrating Diversity meets the Core Curriculum Standards for the Arts. A study guide for grades K-12 accompanies each program.


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