The many ways to enjoy our Holiday Classic. Bringing The Nutcracker to everyone. Making Art Accessib

We here at Roxey believe in making our work accessible. What does that mean? Well to us it means we take very seriously the idea of inclusion and provide opportunities whenever we can to hit all audience members from every walk of life. Where else are you able to see a professional production of The Nutcracker during a wonderful "art afternoon" for about the price of a movie? We don't know either.

We also proudly present our Sensory Performance matinee. If you have not had the pleasure of attending this offering you are missing out on understanding why inclusion is so important. We have a separate, special sensory lobby where we offer our special needs audience members the opportunity to take a break from the show. They can use manipulatives to calm them and various activities such as sorting, puzzles, play areas and much more. From the words of a friend and patron of Roxey, "Every detail was so thoughtfully planned - the fidgets at the entrance, the lighting/sound, and the play mats and toys in the basement. My kids both loved the show. Abby and I spent about 10-15 minutes playing with the toys in the basement but my son (and husband) were able to continue watching the show. So, it just worked so well for all of us... Abby was able to take a break and then go back to her seat; and, my son was able to see the entire show." That is why we do it. So everyone wins. As Nicole stated, we also offer fidget toys that can be taken into the theater and used during the performance. Many children love these. Lets face it, in a tech world our children are seeing new images flying at them at alarming rates. This allows them to keep their bodies busy so they can relax and let the art in. Perfect? We think so.

We also want to give you a heads up about our discount program. We start high, at 50 percent off ticket prices and offer discounts of 25 percent till almost right up to the show itself. We also offer membership packages that guarantee you, your family or business steep discounts, complementary tickets to cool in-studio events, reduced drop-in class rates, VIP fundraiser event tickets and the list goes on. Why do we do all of that you may ask. Simple. We want everyone to be able to see our performances. They are that amazing. We want to inspire, we want to start conversations. Art and creativity is in all of our blood. We must have it around us and running through us always. We want to remind you of that love. Follow us on Facebook and subscribe to our site to get updates on performances and discount tickets. We want you to not miss them.

I will share a secret with you. Get ready. The Nutcracker is Coming.

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