Celebrating Diversity: Educational Performances at Roxey Ballet

Celebrating Diversity: Educational Performances at Roxey Ballet Lambertville, NJ - As Roxey Ballet begins its 23rd year of dance, the nonprofit organization revitalizes its signature assembly program, Celebrating Diversity.

Celebrating Diversity is Roxey Ballet's anti-bullying performance. It has received the NJ Governor's Award for Artistic Excellence and was performed at former President Barack Obama's inauguration in 2008. The performance goes beyond traditional ballet, using many forms of contemporary dance, music, and monologues to tell stories about disabilities, race, religion, and ethnic diversity. "It's a personal story with the most powerful message that Roxey Ballet can convey. It encourages others to embrace differences", says Mark Roxey, Creative Director. "The word 'diversity' goes beyond the color of skin, but encompasses ethnicity, religion, economics, physical abilities, and gender", he says. The program encourages students to understand and learn about differences. "Celebrating Diversity provides students with a new outlook on the differences that surround them. With civil and human rights, disability-equality, and anti-bullying as just some of the many topics covered in this performance, students are sure to leave thinking differently about how they treat those around them," says Outreach and Education Director Hailey Glover. "It is so important that we continue thinking of new, innovative ways to remind students that the differences between us should unify us instead of separating us," Glover says. Celebrating Diversity is suitable for all ages and grades, from K-12, and meets New Jersey Core Curriculum Standards for the Art. A study guide accompanies each school program. In addition to Celebrating Diversity, Roxey Ballet offers educational programming ranging from Dance to Learn, an in-school residency, and Wheels and Bodies in Motion.

Roxey Ballet is currently booking Celebrating Diversity performances from September 2017 through June 2018. To learn more, visit www.roxeyballet.org or call 609-397-7616.

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