Frederick Ocansey Joins Roxey Ballet

Frederick Ocansey, or Freddy is from Columbus, Ohio. He began his technical training at the of 17 with Charisma Centre of the Arts. Furthering his education in dance Frederick studied at Wright State University as a dance major eventually leaving to pursue the arts in a way that felt more intuitive to his nature. Frederick is very passionate about impacting the world through the art of dance by spreading his contagious zest for life and sharing his love of beauty through movement. Frederick has worked with notable dance artists Terri McWilliams, Shonna Hickman-Matlock, Mariah Layne French, Dylan Crossman, Helen Starr, Joanne Whitehill, Sarah Tallman, Fernando Rodriguez, Lindsey Matheis, Karen Mareck Grundy and Jared Mesa. He enthusiastically joins the Roxey Ballet company for his first season eager to learn and grow.

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