Meet the Dancers: George C. Berry Joins Roxey Ballet

This spring, artist George C. Berry has joined Roxey Ballet as a company dancer.

This is your first week at Roxey Ballet. How has the experience been so far? My experience has been so wonderful. Everyone is kind and welcoming and willing to help. The company and staff are all enjoyable people and have helped to make me feel right at home.

There are 3 Main Stage performances this spring. What are you most excited about for the upcoming season? I am most excited about Carmina Burana because I love the music, and the thrill of the live orchestra always brings something special to the performance. I am looking forward to the first rehearsal with the choir as well. Although we will only perform that show once, it should be a fantastic night at Princeton!

I am also excited for the challenge of Cinderella, and the vulnerability of We vs. C. The last production will definitely be one of the more emotion driven works I have performed in and I am excited to be a part of something that makes an impact. I am looking forward to meeting more of the survivors in the coming month and hear their stories of strength.

What has been most challenging so far?

Cinderella involves a lot of Grande Allegro for the men, and it is a full three act ballet. The classical choreography is difficult and stylized to the ballet. It will be an exciting challenge. The amount that we have to learn in a short period of time is difficult, but helps us to grow and be ready for any situation.

What has been your experience before joining Roxey Ballet?

I graduated from the University of Alabama under the direction of Cornelius Carter back in August, and I have been in Atlanta training and working with small companies. I was looking for the chance to move North and explore a different setting from my hometown. I met Seyong Kim in Atlanta and took class with him where he began to talk to me about Roxey Ballet. So, I went to research and found this great company in a lovely town, and now I am here!

What lead you to be interested in dance and a career in dance?

I started dancing late in high school, and I fell in love with it just as every other dancer does. My friends could see that I loved it before I knew I had found my passion. I just keep dancing and pursued a college degree in dance. I knew that I loved entertaining and being on stage. I wanted to find a way to be on stage doing what I feel most proud doing. I am confident when I dance, and I feel as if I am meant to be on that stage.

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