Roxey Ballet announces that it will present Dracula in October

Roxey Ballet stages a spectacular production of Dracula. RB’s original ballet choreography closely follows Bram Stoker’s horror story set in 18th century England and tells the tale in a theatrical performance with dazzling pyrotechnic, sound and lighting effects.

A kaleidoscope of music depicts the range of characters and their emotions of fear, rage, horror, love and passion. The result is a production that breaks through the normal boundaries of dance performance to draw the audience deeply into the world created by the dancers and the story. The audience will recognize the unwary Renfield who accidentally falls victim to the vampire on his way to the opera; the lovely Lucy, whose beauty attracts Dracula, who seduces her; and Dr. Van Helsing who leads the attack to rescue Lucy and the others who have fallen prey to the vampires.

Dracula features outstanding choreography by Mark Roxey set to a collage of original music and sound effects by David Hanoman. The performance also features sound, special effects, video art and multimedia projection. The set is abstract and minimalist, designed by Lisa McMillan.

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