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Children's Classic Stories:



April 29th

Roxey Ballet is proud to offer a sensory-friendly performance

of the Children's Classic Story "Cinderella" for children and adults

with physical, emotional, and cognitive disabilities or sensory disorders.

Performance Date:

Saturday, April 29th at 2pm

Theater Information:

Mill Ballet

(behind the New Hope Eagle Fire House) 

46 N Sugan Rd.

New Hope, PA 18938

Please park on the grass to the left of the fire house unless you have a handicapped decal. 

$25 General seating

$25 Virtual

There will be a $5 ticketing charge added to each ticket. All Sales are final.  No refunds or exchanges. 


What makes it "sensory-friendly"?

A friendly, supportive environment for families with a loved one with special needs. Adaptations to the performance are slight, including:

  • lower sound levels

  • elimination of potentially startling special effects and lighting

  • house lights on at about 20%

  • you are free to get up, move around, and leave whenever you need to

  • a reduced length of performance

  • allowed use of iPads and other electronics for therapeutic uses

  • volunteers scattered throughout the theater to assist and direct audience members as needed

  • quiet areas for taking a break

  • fidget objects and earplugs available

  • Story boards, visits before or after public hours, meet-a-seat program are available upon request. 

Please call or email us ahead of time to schedule these options. 

Close captioning and sign language interpretition available.

If a show is canceled due to inclement weather a credit will be given to future shows.

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