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What is the value of the Arts?

What is the value of the arts? Could you survive without dance, music, theatre, visual and literary arts? New Jersey was one of the first states to make the performing arts a priority in education systems and with the new NJ Visual and Performing Arts Standards released this summer, the emphasis is also on the greatly needed Social and Emotional Learning. Self-awareness, self-efficacy, self-management and perseverance, social awareness and relationship skills are necessary to any educational environment, but through the arts they are understood and experienced in conjunction with learning an art form. Dance (and all the arts) encourages team-building and self-reflection while simultane

NJ Buzz interviews Roxey Ballet/Mill Ballet School

NJ Buzz has created a campaign titled – Unite To Revive New Jersey Small Businesses – with a mission to educate the small town communities to Shop, Dine and Play Locally – and Lambertville, a Destination Town, is vitally important for visitors to witness the path of Union Street in Lambertville. Roxey Ballet and The Mill Ballet school have resided at 243 N Union Street in Lambertville for over 20 years creating their fully ADA accessible facility. They were one of the first anchor businesses on North Union Street at Canal Studios to bring people to the north end of town when people didn't venture there. During this time of pandemic unease it is vitally important for the community to have

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