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This Is Our Revolution. Join Us.

This is our revolution. Today I am focusing on steps. Not large check list to do steps, but the small ones. The moment steps. The effort of making my vision smaller. The effort of my intention. I am overwhelmed with fixing but it doesn't feel like enough. I feel disappointed in what I witness. Complacency. So, I am focusing on moment steps. What can I do to start a revolution? What small steps can I lay down for a path of aid, for a path of listening and hearing without judgement, for a path of open arm welcome? Well, I am here. I am in a work family at Roxey Ballet that has the desire to do just that. To bring children who are the most forgotten into this world of listening, of awarenes

Tempered Steel. Roxey Ballet marries grace with brute strength and it's not new to us.

If you have seen Mohammed Ali in the midst of a fight you will notice the grace with which he moves his feet. This constant movement requires stamina. A dance of spatial awareness and patience. A dance of incredibly rigorous and laborious work. Repeated moves over and over till mastery. This is the exact dance of ballet. Each athlete although so incredibly varied in their perceived mission needs to direct their body toward perfection, to balance and to a savage mental dedication. You must be able to work past the discomfort, past the exhaustion, you must require, even demand of your mind submission and quiet. For the reality is, it is all a fight. Life is a fight as is the expression of huma

The many ways to enjoy our Holiday Classic. Bringing The Nutcracker to everyone. Making Art Accessib

We here at Roxey believe in making our work accessible. What does that mean? Well to us it means we take very seriously the idea of inclusion and provide opportunities whenever we can to hit all audience members from every walk of life. Where else are you able to see a professional production of The Nutcracker during a wonderful "art afternoon" for about the price of a movie? We don't know either. We also proudly present our Sensory Performance matinee. If you have not had the pleasure of attending this offering you are missing out on understanding why inclusion is so important. We have a separate, special sensory lobby where we offer our special needs audience members the opportunity to ta

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