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Raise Funds with Roxey Ballet!

It's that time again! To kick off the beginning of our season, we are inviting local businesses and organizations to partner with us for a 20% Back fundraiser. This helps us raise awareness for our performances, and helps you raise money for your organization! While we're celebrating our 22nd Annual Holiday Classic Nutcracker this year, we also have performances like Frankenstein, Cinderella, and the C-Word: Stories of Breast Cancer Survivors. To get started, you will need to contact us to receive a unique code. You can share this code on your newsletter and with your customers, friends, or family. Each time a ticket is purchased with your code, YOU will get 20% of the total amount back. It'

Frankenstein: An Interview with the Creators

Lees Hummel and Stephen K Stone are Co-Creators of Frankenstein. Along with composer, Michael Kallstrom, they have conceived an evening length work that takes the concepts from Mary Shelley’s novel and adapts them to the possibilities of science in the future. Frankenstein will be performed at Roxey Ballet's Canal Studio Theatre from October 22-October 30. What is it like to adapt a ballet performance from a novel? This production for Roxey Ballet will be the next generation of the concept developed by the directors. For the ballet’s 2002 premiere, Hummel and Stone aligned their futuristic interpretation with the storyline presented in Mary Shelley’s novel, Frankenstein; The Modern Prometh

Meet the Dancers: Tara Seymour

Tara Seymour I am from New Hope, PA. I grew up dancing with the Mill Ballet School, and have known the Roxey's since before they opened the studio (I believe since I was about 3 years old). I was one of their first students at the original Mill in Stockton. I went to college at Wake Forest University in Winston Salem, NC and performed with our Wake Forest University Dance Company while I was down there. The WFU company was fantastic because I was able to get exposure to many styles of dance, and performed classical ballet, contemporary, modern, and jazz works in my time there choreographed by renowned faculty, guest artists, and other students. I also had the opportunity to choreograph my f

Roxey Ballet's Frankenstein

October 22 - 30, 2016: All ages are welcome! Performances will be held at Canal Studio Theater, 243 North Union Street, Lambertville, NJ 08530. Lambertville, NJ (August 4, 2016) - What is a monster? Can one exist in any realm? Does our fear alone define it? Could the future hold the possibility of bionically enhanced clones of the human species? How can we know if this scientific territory is safe to explore? Doctor Victor Frankenstein might help us consider. This futuristic adaptation of Mary Shelley's FRANKENSTEIN asks you to imagine a world that defies exact location and time. The word Frankenstein typically provokes a notion of a lumbering green guy with bolts in the sides of his neck,

Meet the Dancers: Mariana Closs

Mariana Closs I am Brazilian. I've performed in many Brazilian states, but this is my first time performing outside the country. I saw the Roxey Ballet audition information on the internet, sent the material, and I was called. I've now participated in Frida, Buble, Carnival of the Animals and Pied Piper. Until now, my favorite Roxey experience was Buble: there were wonderful songs, beautiful costumes and delightful choreography that were performed. I started ballet five years, I was always in love with dance. To be dancer needs a lot of dedication and hard work, so you have to love it. I can not imagine my life without dancing, it is like this passion was born with me. I started with Roxey B

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