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Roxey Ballet Celebrates Hunterdon's 300th and New Jersey 350th Anniversary with Music, Dance and

Roxey Ballet Announces Family-Friendly Concert to Celebrate Hunterdon County’s 300th Anniversary And New Jersey’s 350th Anniversary Roxey Ballet Company, the premier contemporary ballet company serving Hunterdon and Mercer Counties in New Jersey, and Bucks County in Pennsylvania, is proud to unveil its “I Love NJ” dance and musical concert to celebrate Hunterdon County’s 300th anniversary and New Jersey’s 350th anniversary. The concerts will take place at Canal Studio Theater in Lambertville, NJ on February 7th through February 16th, 2014 and will fuse live poetry, song and dance to great a truly up close and personal live theater experience. “I Love NJ" will feature the works of many New

Roxey Ballet Presents Diversity for South Hunterdon School District

Roxey Ballet’s Celebrating Diversity assembly uses a variety of contemporary dance styles to tell stories and convey emotions about some of the most significant social issues in the world today: racial, religious and ethnic diversity and the need for people to be tolerant of differences among the people of the world. Some people require mechanical devices to assist them such as wheelchairs or crutches. Some people don’t speak English well. Some people wear clothing, jewelry or hair styles that cause them to stand out from the group.So people are a difference skin color. But we are all beautiful in the body we have…. Lack of tolerance, respect, and appreciation of the differences among people

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