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Please join us for our first Digital Spring Alumni Night


Reconnect, Reminisce and Dance Together.

After almost 30 years, the Roxey Ballet and the Mill Ballet School have decades of alumni dancers, families and friends that we’d be thrilled to re-engage with. 

We have been honored and blessed over the years to train, inspire, and connect with the youth in our communities.   We hope you enjoy these opportunities to relive the joy of dance!

While theaters remain dark or have limited capacity seating for the foreseeable future, we’re bringing the performance opportunities to you. We’ve selected excerpts of favorite Roxey Ballet choreography for you to watch, learn (or re-learn), record, and submit for our Digital Spring evening. Come April 9, we will show the final cuts of all submitted content, and we’ll be taking the digital stage together. For more details on choreography available, directions on how to record and submit, CLICK HERE  

Return to watch here!

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