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The Roxey Ballet performs cutting edge, contemporary ballet to critical acclaim throughout the United States. The progressive company produces out-of-the box dance performances that redefine the way audiences view ballet and dance.

Roxey Ballet has been transforming communities through interactive programs that communicate human, civil, disability rights, women's health initiatives, bullying and the cultural condition. We explore humanistic ideas to renovate and educate the public using dance, spoken word, and music as the form of communication.

Roxey Ballet fulfills our mission by creating, connecting, empowering, and inspiring its community through performances, education and outreach, and partnerships.  Our culture impacts our performances with socially conscious programs like: Celebrating Diversity, performed at President Obama’s Inauguration & received NJ Governors Award for Excellence and The C-Word Stories of Triumph Over Breast Cancer an original musical featuring 22 breast cancer survivors and The Women of the Year Choreography Project to visibly impact women around the state by providing socially conscious programming and events to educate and enrich our communities using dance as the medium to express the reality, address the need, provide resources and affect positive outcomes.  High-energy, dramatic, and theatrical repertory favorites include: Dracula and Frankenstein, The Nutcracker (performed yearly at Trenton Psychiatric Hospital) and children's classic stories such as Cinderella, The Pied Piper of Hamlin, Carnival of the Animals, and Mowgli.

Roxey Ballet dancers are hand selected from all corners of the world and bring an array of skill and texture to the performances of Roxey Ballet. This company is by no means a traditional Ballet Company. Mr. Roxey's masterful direction and creative genius moves the art of ballet into new directions, while maintaining a strong connection to the classical idiom. Audiences experience Roxey Ballet as fresh, unexpected, and unique to the dance landscape.


The company is a non-profit organization incorporated in New Jersey in 1995. Its mission is to deliver artistic and cultural excellence through professional dance performances, residencies, educational programs, workshops, and master classes. It is a multicultural and all-inclusive organization, fostering a creative environment of growth for all of its artists, taking its diverse works to the next level and striving to inspire audiences and artists alike.


The Roxey Ballet is supported in part by funds from the New Jersey State Council on the Arts/Department of State, a partner agency of the National Endowment for the Arts; The Hunterdon County Cultural and Heritage Commission; The Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation, and the Princeton Area Community Foundation, in addition to individual donors.


You can expect that Roxey Ballet's performances are cultural, dramatic, technically breathtaking, and beautifully theatrical. Roxey Ballet presents invigorating, kinetic dance choreography that enables dancers to forge an interactive bond with audiences, beyond that of a traditional dance performance.    


Roxey Ballet's identity as a high quality performing dance company is not the end of the Roxey Ballet story. Since 1995, Roxey Ballet has lead the charge in the world of professional dance in bringing dance to underserved populations, especially students and artists with significant disabilities. A signature endeavor is Roxey Ballet's Wheels and Bodies in Motion, an initiative that brings able-bodied dancers together with differently abled students in dance and choreography classes.


Roxey Ballet continues to provide classes, performance opportunities, and mentoring to individuals with severe disabilities who use wheelchairs, in collaboration with the Matheny Medical and Educational Center in Peapack, NJ, and other New Jersey based organizations. Wheels and Bodies in Motion also brings able-bodied dancers together with artists in wheelchairs who learn and create choreography both for themselves and to set on able-bodied dancers.  These opportunities have opened up a whole language of self-expression never before available to "sit down" dancers.


Roxey Ballet also partners with schools and community centers to provide a dance education programs to students with physical, learning, and emotional disabilities. Roxey Ballet uses dance classes to help these students, many from inner city, high- poverty communities, to learn to express themselves through movement, to channel their emotions through art, and to be proud of dance traditions from their heritages.

Roxey Ballet

Roxey Ballet